House Signature Drinks



Smoothies Teas


Breakfast Sandwiches

Paleo Bar


Keto Latté

Açai Bowl

Gluten Free Muffins

Fresh muffins 3.99


Double Chocolate
Power Bran


Breakfast Rolls

Small Sausage Roll $1.09
Jumbo Sausage Roll $2.25
Jumbo Jalapeño Sausage Roll $2.25
Extra Spicy Jalepeno Sausage Roll $2.50 (available Thursday – Saturday)
Ham and Cheese Roll $1.99
Turkey Sausage with Hash Brown, Egg & Cheddar Cheese Roll $4.25 



Fresh Donuts

Dozen Holes (Chocolate, Plain, Sprinkles, Strawberry) 2.00
Dozen grown up mixed 12.00
Dozen kid friendly mixed 12.00
Dozen glazed or chocolate 8.50
Cronut 2.75
Cronut Bites 1.25
Rainbow Donut 2.50
Pokeball Donut 1.99
Ring Donut 1.99
Sugar Glazed and Chocolate Glaze .85
Sprinkle (white or chocolate) .99
Oreo 1.24
Strawberry 1.25
Strawberry sprinkle 1.25
Maple Bacon 1.75
Vanilla .85


Fresh Donuts Continued

Apple Fritter 1.50
Cinnamon Roll 1.50
Mini Cinnamon Roll .50
Eclair 1.50
Strawberry Bowtie 1.50
Cake (Cinnamon Glazed, Cinnamon Sugar, Chocolate, Plain) .90
Double Chocolate Cake Donut  $1.50
Blueberry 1.25
Blueberry Old Fashion 1.25
Old Fashion (Cinnamon Glazed, Cinnamon Sugar, Chocolate, Plain) .90
Twist (Glazed, Chocolate, Sugar, Cinnamon Glazed) .99
Bubble gum Donut  $1.50


(Cinnamon brown sugar, White Chocolate, Raspberry)  $2.95